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 A: Adult Sailing Lessons  
 A: Camps  
 A: Classes & Activities  
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 A: Donation  
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 A: Youth Sailing Lessons  
 R: Adult Instruction begins  
 R: All Day Free Sail Begins  
 R: All Day Free Sail Ends  
 R: Closing Ceremonies  
 R: Club Opens for the Season  
 R: Docks In  
 R: Founder's Hall - Private Event  
 R: Founder's Hall - SHOWER  
 R: Founder's Hall - WEDDING  
 R: July 4 - All Day Free Sail  
 R: Junior Instruction begins  
 R: Last day of Instruction  
 R: Launch Party  
 R: Parent Orientation  
 R: Registration begins  
 R: Sailing Lessons begin   [G]: Game   [P]: Practice
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